Derivative Works

    The following derivative works shall also be protected by copyright: (a) Dramatizations, translations, adaptations, abridgments, arrangements, and other alterations of literary or artistic works; and (b) Collections of literary, scholarly or artistic works, and compilations of data and other materials which are original by reason of the selection or coordination or arrangement of … Continue reading Derivative Works


Original Literary and Artistic Works

      Literary and artistic worksare original intellectual creations in the literary and artistic domain protected from the moment of their creation and shall include in particular: (a) Books, pamphlets, articles and other writings; (b) Periodicals and newspapers; (c) Lectures, sermons, addresses, dissertations prepared for oral delivery, whether or not reduced in writing or … Continue reading Original Literary and Artistic Works

[Administrators] Supplemental Motion to Dismiss

"WHEREFORE,premises considered, I respectfully prayed unto the Honorable Supreme Court En Banc to DISMISS the foregoing charges under OCA IPI NO.12-2456-MTJ and A.M. MTJ 13-1821 for the denial of my constitutional right to due process for failure to be informed of the nature and cause of accusation against me."

White Supremacy?

[ADMINISTRATORS]¬†¬†Local racists queried, "You are with a white guy who belongs to a master race?" I replied to them, "He is a postman not a postmaster!"