The 2.5% Royalty Fixed by the Director of Patents is Just and Reasonable


The Court of Appeals found that the 2.5% royalty fixed by the Director of Patents ‘is just and reasonable.’ We quote its observations hereunder:
Respondent-appellant contends further that the 2.5% royalty rate is unfair to respondent-appellant as to amount to an undue deprivation of its property right. We do not hold this view. The royalty rate of 2.5% provided for by the Director of Patents is reasonable. Paragraph 3, Section 35-B, Republic Act No. 165, as amended by Presidential Decree No. 1263, provides:
(3) A compulsory license shall only be granted subject to the payment of adequate royalties commensurate with the extent to which the invention is worked. However, royalty payments shall not exceed five per cent (5%) of the net wholesale price (as defined in Section 33-A) of the products manufactured under the license. If the product, substance, or process subject of the compulsory license is involved in an industrial project approved by the Board of Investments, the royalty payable to the patentee or patentees shall not exceed three per cent (3%) of the net wholesale price (as defined in Section 34-A) of the patented commodity and/or commodity manufactured under the patented process; the same rule of royalty shall be paid whenever two or more patents are involved, which royalty shall be distributed to the patentees in rates proportional to the extent of commercial use by the licensee giving preferential values to the holder of the oldest subsisting product patent.
Thus, said provision grants to the Director of Patents the use of his sound discretion in fixing the percentage for the royalty rate and We find that the Director of Patents committed no abuse of this discretion. Also, there is always a presumption of regularity in the performance of one’s official duties. Moreover, what UNILAB has with the compulsory license is the bare right to use the patented chemical compound in the manufacture of a special product, without any technical assistance from herein respondent-appellant. Besides, the special product to be manufactured by UNILAB will only be used, distributed, and disposed locally. Therefore, the royalty rate of 2.5% is just and reasonable (Barry John Price, John Watson CLITHERON and John Bradshaw, assignors to Allen & Hanburys Ltd.’ Vs. United Laboratories, Inc. (or UNILAB), G.R. No. 82542 September 29, 1988).


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